A Taste Of Culture


Three generation of cooking and still counting


Mother of two, a former audio engineer turned food explorer.


Growing up, everything in my life revolved around food. For 15 years, both my parents were personal cooks to the Brunei Royal family, specializing in traditional Malay & Indonesian cuisine. Being trained by my parents since the age of 9, I was introduced to the complex methods of traditional Malay cooking and developed an in-depth understanding of the essential ingredients.


The key to perfect traditional Malay cooking is patience. You can only attain the proper flavor balance when your mind, heart and palette are one.


Join me in celebrating cooking with a little bit of heat, culture and history in every bite. Attend one of my private dining events to receive first-hand cooking lessons: how to create one of the dishes on my menu. Or simply subscribe to be the first to know about my latest recipes. 

- Ella S -