A private event for foodie lovers at heart - Join a unique cooking and dining experience in discovering the real South East Asian cuisine and learn the secret to cooking with exotic ingredients.


Let us entice you at our weekend private events, mingle with new friends and discover new flavors. Send your palate on a journey around Asia.

About  Us

It isn't every day that we get to travel 12,000 km to the heart of South East Asia and indulge ourselves in the most amazing food you could ever feast on. Learning how to cook a dish or two online can be frustrating if we don't get to see every second of how it's done. So, here is where we come in.


Kitchen Warrior BCN is a discovery kitchen and dining session for those who seek the Asian heat.


Every weekend we host private dining events for a small intimate group of 10-12 people, where together you will learn hands-on with our very own private chef on how to cook the dishes which are served to you during your session. As the menu changes every month, guests will get to learn new secret cooking techniques on preparing classic South East Asian dishes and understand in-depth about the exotic ingredients used in them. 


Don’t worry about making mistakes or feeling that you’re not doing it right, it’s called the discovery kitchen for a reason. Come alone and meet new people or as a group to share in a unique experience around the table.

We hope to welcome you to our kitchen soon!

Meet  Our  Chef

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world food lover  -  creates savory food with love  -  spicy is her middle name

Hi there, I'm Ella - mother of two, former audio engineer turned food explorer. Growing up, everything in my life revolved around food. For 15 years, both my parents were personal cooks to the Brunei Royal family, specializing in traditional Malay cuisine. Being trained by my parents since the age of 9, I was introduced to the complex methods of traditional Malay cooking and developed an in-depth understanding of the essential ingredients.


The key to perfect traditional Malay cooking is patience. You can only attain the proper flavor balance when your mind, heart and palette are one.

Join me in celebrating cooking with a little bit of heat, culture and history in every bite. Attend one of my private dining events to receive first-hand cooking lessons: how to create one of the dishes on my menu. Or simply subscribe to be the first to know about my latest recipes. 


The  Dining  Experience

Be our guest and let us cook up something for you!

The  Dining  Experience

---  'Food is our common ground, a universal experience.'  --- 

Dinner Table
Elegant Table Arrangement

The  Private  Kitchen

Every month, Chef Ella will invite eight special guests to a private session where they will be invited to a secret location for a unique cooking and dining experience of a new 5-course menu.


Here, guests will be treated to a cooking presentation on techniques used in preparing one of the dishes on the menu, learn about the ingredients used and the cultural history behind them.

As these are private events, invitations will only be handed out via email. 

The  Private  Dining

Get your weekend started with a lil bit of heat! Come for the fun and enjoy a night of flavor, spice and everything nice.


Let our kitchen warrior, Chef Ella serve you a 5-course meal of traditional South East Asian dishes that is sure to have you wanting more.  


With a new menu released every month, there will be plenty of dishes to explore. 


The best part of the night is that guests will get to learn how to cook one of the main dishes on the menu as part of the dining experience. Be prepare to be hands-on and maybe get just a little messy for a night to remember.   

The  Intimate  Affairs

Planning for an intimate gathering can be stressful and time consuming. There are so many things to consider and we know that all you want is the best outcome for your event. It's never fun when you need to play the part of both host and chef .


So, let us take over the part of chef while you enjoy the entire night playing the only role you should be - the host.  


Our private chef and team will cater to all of your dining needs - from the customized menu, table setting and table service, to ensuring that everything is left spotless at the end of the night.


Have your event at the venue of your choice; may it be your dining room, a pool side or a terrace villa. Our team is ready for you to help you create beautiful future memories.

*intimate gathering for a minimum of 10-16 people. For a bigger party, please contact us directly via email.     


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'Flavor is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.'

- Kitchen Warrior BCN - 




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